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Seven Hills Promenaders

photo of Al Rouff New in 2014
A Modern Western Square Dancing Club Updated August 2017
Established June, 2007
ADA Compliant Hearing Assist System
Wednesday Workshops:
Angell Brook Village
53 Angell Brook Drive
West Boylston, MA 01583
Saturday Dances:
The Ducharme Center
10 Dupont Street
Worcester, MA

The current Seven Hills Promenaders program includes classes, workshops and dances for people who seek opportunities to continue learning more advanced choreography. Extended Applications are emphasized at all levels. The CALLERLAB Challenge program is currently being taught on Wednesday nights, and monthly dances are held on the fourth Saturday of each month. Saturday night dance programs vary, but are usually Challenge level. Check this web site for information about a dance program and guest caller for a particular month.

Notice for C2 Dancers

The Wednesday night C2 workshop is now a C3A class.

We have discontinued our Friday night and Sunday morning dances


To give a better idea of what our club is like, here is a recording of Ted Lizotte calling a Plus tip (patter and singing call) from our September, 2007 Saturday night dance. (15:29, 6.2 MB)


Wednesday Workshops:

We meet on Wednesday evenings from 7:15 to 9:45. Currently, we have some dancers learning C3A calls and other dancers workshopping C3A calls.

Challenge Classes:

Challenge level classes are also available at the Ultimate Sports Academy in Manchester, NH, not far from the former Mill-A-Round Dance Center. A new approach is offered by meeting one Saturday per month for two sessions on the same day.

A C1 class started meeting on January 5, 2013, and is now workshoping material. The class will normally meet on the first Saturday of the month.

A C2 class started meeting after the completion of the C1 class, and recently completed all the C2 calls. It is now workshoping material. This class will normally meet on the third Saturday of the month.

A C3A class workshop normally meets on the second Saturday of the month at a different location, ie at Angell Brook Village in West Boylston, Mass.

Please inquire if interested in joining any of these workshops or starting either a C1, C2 or C3A "Saturday" class.

Saturday Monthly Dances:

The schedule of the most recent monthly Saturday dances is listed for the year 2014, including callers and dates.


Wednesday Workshops:

The Seven Hills Promenaders meet most Wednesdays at Angell Brook Village in West Boylston. See this Google map or the directions on the ABV web site. Right now, we are workshopping C2 and C3A. Check back at this web site for changes.

We will dance in the basement of Unit #53.


Take 290 East or West to 190 North
Take exit 2, Ararat Street off of 190
Go straight through the set of lights at the end of the ramp
Bear right onto West Mountain Street (Turns into East Mountain Street)
Continue through 4 sets of lights
After Worcester Country Club take first left onto Briar Lane,
Follow Briar Lane for 1.1 miles (Turns into Shrewsbury Street)
Take left onto Angell Brook Drive (200 Shrewsbury Street)

Saturday Dances:

Our Saturday Dances meet at the Ducharme Center, 10 Dupont Street, in Worcester, MA, not far from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, the U Mass Medical School, and the College of the Holy Cross. For maps, try Mapquest or Google. (If you plan to use Route 290, Mapquest gives better directions than Google.)

From the North:

Route I-495 South to I-290 West toward Worcester. Take exit 14 (Posner Sq./Grafton) and take first right onto Water Street. Proceed to the traffic lights and take a right onto Grafton Street. Stay on Grafton Street for approx. 1 1/2 miles until you come to a rotary. Go half way around the rotary and pick up Hamilton Street (St. Stephens Church will be on your right and you'll see St. Joseph's Church on your left up ahead). Take your first left onto Dupont Street.

From the North (Leominster area):

Route 190 South to I-290 West and then follow directions above.

From the Mass Pike:

Take exit 10 (Worcester) and merge onto I-290 East after passing thru the tolls. Take exit 14 (Posner Sq./Grafton) exit. At end of ramp take a right onto Grafton Street. Stay on Grafton Street for approx. 1 1/2 miles until you come to a rotary. Go half way around the rotary and pick up Hamilton Street (St. Stephens Church will be on your right and you'll see St. Joseph's Church on your left up ahead). Take your first left onto Dupont Street.

From the Grafton, MA area:

Take Grafton Street west into Worcester. Stay on Grafton Street past the south Plaza Shopping Center on the right, past the Fire Station on the left, past the CVS Plaza on the left to a set of traffic lights at the intersection of Plantation and Grafton Streets (approx. 4 miles). Turn right onto Plantation St. and proceed to next traffic light. At the lights, take a left onto Hamilton St., drive past St. Joseph Church on the right and take your first right onto Dupont St.


Parking allowed on either side of Dupont St., in the parking lot that runs between the church and the Ducharme Center, or on Hamilton, Plantation and Orient Streets (all neighboring streets).

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We started as an APD/DBD Plus club in 2007. Back then, we believed that every club that dances or workshops Plus seemed to have at least a few dancers who were ready for more challenging and interesting choreography. These dancers seemed interested in knowing how to do the calls properly from as many starting formations as possible. Experienced and knowledgeable dancers often use the term All Position Dancing (APD) to describe this style of choreography. Another variation is to learn how to do certain calls according to the parts of their definition. An example would be "Do the first 3 parts of Load the Boat." In order to succeed, a dancer needs to have quick recall of the definition. This is often referred to as Dancing By Definition (DBD). According to CALLERLAB, the Advanced program should include these "extended applications" of the underlying dance programs.

The Seven Hills Promenaders set out to fill a niche in New England square dancing. We offered classes and workshops designed to bring more Plus dancers up to the APD/DBD skill level, and give them an opportunity to keep learning if they were interested. The dancers who were attracted to our Plus APD/DBD program didn't want to stop there. They learned Advanced with the same approach—learning the "Extended Applications" of APD and DBD. It was a natural progression for these same dancers to enter Challenge level dancing. And they did it the right way—first learning to dance the Extended Applications of the levels below Challenge. The starting point, if you're interested in becoming a Challenge dancer, is to become a strong APD/DBD dancer at the Plus level. That is the foundation and springboard that makes the rest of it relatively easy. It just takes time and a commitment to go out and dance wherever you can find this style of dancing.

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Contact Us

We love to hear from fellow square dancers! If you have any questions about our club, send a note to our Caller and Workshop Instructor,

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